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Human Performance Consultant – Isabelle Hamptonstone MSc

Best Selling Author and Lead Human Performance Consultant Isabelle Hamptonstone is also CEO of the award-winning Brain Train International. Brain Train International provides specialist training to accelerate performance by activating deeper intelligence.

Isabelle is the Olympic and NHL Confidence and Performance consultant and creator of the Ultimate Confidence, Performance, and Inner Strength Technique ΤM. She specializes in Mental and Emotional Trigger Release to upgrade the efficiency of the brain to establish optimum levels of behavior under pressure. Isabelle is also a Trainer of Hypnosis, NLP and Time Empowerment. She is AIP Certified, holds a Master of Science and is a PhD Candidate.

Isabelle has vast experience working with hockey players, Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs and national business leaders in private and public industry. She has the ability to make people feel heard and her quiet presence provides comfort and assurance.

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