Tools and Kits to Assist Coaches

Below are a number of tools and kits that can be accessed by coaches. Some tools can be downloaded directly from this page or may link you to other pages. Field Testing Kits are available at the PacificSport Interior BC offices.

To access a kit, or to inquire about availability, please contact the Sport Performance Coordinator.

Field Testing Kit

The Field Testing Kits provide the necessary tools for coaches to assess the physiological parameters of their athletes using common field tests. These kits are equipped to do a general battery of tests to assess leg power, speed, agility, muscular endurance, and aerobic power. In order to access the kits coaches must complete an Field Testing Kit orientation workshop or be registered in the Advanced Coaching Diploma program. Please contact the Sport Performance Program Coordinator to inquire about renting the Field Testing Kit.

Listed below are some of the tests you can perform with the kit:

Dimensions of the kit: 37 7/8″ x 22 3/4″ x 23 1/4″ (96.2cm x 57.8cm x 59.1cm)

  • Leger-Boucher Shuttle Run (Beep Test)
  • Paced Partial Sit-up
  • Paced Push-up
  • Sit and Reach
  • T-Test
  • Vertical Jump
  • 30m Sprint (40 Yard Dash)
  • Whole Body Sweat Rate & Hydration Monitoring

101 Daily Mental Performance Tips & 101 Hockey Winning Mindset Tips

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Personal Sport Record – NEW Performance Data App

Meet your ultimate sports data companion. Experience the easiest way for athletes and teams to use data to take their performance to new levels.

  • Comparative real time data for athletes by age, team, and geography
  • Historical, qualitative and quantitative data to create team selection & practice plans
  • Leave paper based systems and excel file transfers behind for good
  • Finally use data to discover athlete strengths and weaknesses

BC Ferries Experience Program

BC Ferries and ViaSport recognize that travel is often a barrier to amateur sport teams as they seek competitive opportunities for their athletes.

To assist in removing this barrier, the BC Ferries Sport Experience Program has been developed to provide travel support to not for profit sport organizations. Eligible applicants may apply for up to $400 in ferry vouchers. Through this exciting program, BC Ferries and ViaSport will assist with ferry travel costs for eligible athletes.

Applications are accepted between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015. For eligibility criteria and application details, please visit their website.

Basic Yearly Training Planner

This excel spreadsheet can be used by coaches to develop a basic annual training plan. Click here to download tool


Video analysis tool kit, more information to be added soon!

NSF International Certified for Sport Program

NSF International is a public health and safety company whose Certified for Sport program makes it easy for athletes and coaches to identify nutritional supplements that do not contain any banned substances and are safe to take.

Dave Freeze’s Mental Training Workbook – Enhancing Sport Performance: 12 Simple Lessons to Enhance Your Mental Game

Mental Trainer, Dave Freeze, has put together a workbook, ‘ Enhancing Sport Performance: 12 Simple Lessons to Enhance Your Mental Game’, which represents his 40 years competing and working with individuals at all levels of performance in sport and business. The tools in this book represent the essential building blocks for sport performance. Read, fill in the blanks and practice! Download the workbook here

Dave has a diverse background that includes years of international athletic competition, wilderness guiding, business ownership and a proven track record as an executive coach, counsellor and human performance consultant. Over the past fifteen years, he has worked with more than 10,000 clients ranging from the Government of BC, small to medium sized businesses and individuals, coaches, teams, and sport organizations in over 50 different sports. Dave owns Ripplerock Consulting and lives in Kamloops with his family.