Quality sport experiences have a positive impact on physical and mental health.

Negative experiences with sport can be harmful and discourage individuals from participating.

PacificSport Interior BC works with partners to raise awareness and address issues that adversely affect the well-being of participants in sport and recreation.

Statement of Commitment 

Sport organizations in British Columbia are committed to creating a sport environment that is accessible, inclusive, respects their participants’ personal goals and is free from all forms of Maltreatment. PacificSport Interior BC has made the commitment to Safe Sport. Our staff and board have completed Commit to Kids training.  PacificSport Interior BC accepts all language contained in the British Columbia Universal Code of Conduct (BCUCC).

A Copy of the code is hosted here.

Link to B.C. Universal Code of Conduct

Mental Health Resources

Mental Health support:  https://www.viasport.ca/how-do-i-find-support

ViaSport: https://www.viasport.ca/mental-health 


More Resources:





Online Training Resources 

Commit to Kids

Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders

CAC Safe Sport Training

Link to resources on the Rule of Two viaSport: https://www.viasport.ca/addressing-maltreatment


National Sport Helpline

B.C. Helpline for Children – a confidential toll-free phone line for children and youth wanting to talk to someone – is 310-1234 (no area code required). ·

VictimLinkBC – is a toll-free, confidential, multilingual telephone and online service available across B.C. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which provides information and referral services to all victims of crime and immediate crisis support to victims of family and sexual violence.

Resilience BC: Anti-Racism Network provides information about how to report incidences of racism and hate crimes if you are a victim or witness such incidence.

PacificSport Interior BC Code of Conduct Complaint Procedures

In addition to accepting all language, concepts and derivatives contained in the BCUCC, PacificSport Interior BC has a Code of Conduct and complaint process in their organizational policies and procedures. A copy of these procedures can be found in full in the document, and inquiries or submissions may be made to the Executive Director (Carolynn Boomer) or anonymously to this address. More details can be found in the policy document found here.

PacificSport Interior BC Code of Conduct and Complaint Procedures here.


PacificSport Interior BC Screening and Staff Education Commitment

  • Background (Reference) and Criminal Record Checks are conducted on all new hires and criminal record checks are also required for PacificSport leaders (such as XploreSportz camps).
  • Training and certificates of completion are mandatory for all staff and board members through the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (Commit to Kids).
  • Training and certificates of completion for Respect in Sport are mandatory for all staff/NCCP facilitators (coach trainers).
  • Training and Professional Development occur regularly for staff and leaders such as Youth Includion Training, Indigenous Coaching Module and other learning opportuinities.