Welcome to the workbook designed to assist in getting your mind to do its share of the work! I have personally celebrated over 40 years in sport and have now worked with more than 10,000 athletes teaching them how to control their minds to produce higher levels of performance and enjoyment in sport. The tools in this book represent the essential building blocks for sport performance. There is much more to learn, but these simple lessons, when practiced regularly in training, will provide the mechanisms to be consistent in competition.

The lessons are general and I provide space for them to become specific to your personality, sport and individual needs. Read, fill in the blanks and practice. Sport is such a great thing for learning life’s important lessons, and I hope this book helps you build upon the greatness you already have. After all “better is always possible”.

All the best,
Dave Freeze


About Dave Freeze

Dave has a diverse background that includes years of international athletic competition, wilderness guiding, business ownership and a proven track record as an executive coach, counsellor and human performance consultant. Dave completed his master’s degree in Applied Behavioural Science at the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS), with a specialty in Organizational Coaching and Consulting, and began his coaching and consulting career in business and sport performance. Over the past fifteen years, he has worked with more than 10,000 clients ranging from the Government of BC, small to medium sized businesses and individuals, coaches, teams, and sport organizations in over 50 different sports. Dave owns Ripplerock Consulting and lives in Kamloops with his family.

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