Field Testing Kit

The Field Testing Kits provide the necessary tools for coaches to assess the physiological parameters of their athletes using common field tests. These kits are equipped to do a general battery of tests to assess leg power, speed, agility, muscular endurance, and aerobic power. In order to access the kits coaches must complete an Field Testing Kit orientation workshop or be registered in the Advanced Coaching Diploma program. Please contact the Sport Performance Program Coordinator to inquire about renting the Field Testing Kit.

Listed below are some of the tests you can perform with the kit:

Dimensions of the kit: 37 7/8″ x 22 3/4″ x 23 1/4″ (96.2cm x 57.8cm x 59.1cm)

  • Leger-Boucher Shuttle Run (Beep Test)
  • Paced Partial Sit-up
  • Paced Push-up
  • Sit and Reach
  • T-Test
  • Vertical Jump
  • 30m Sprint (40 Yard Dash)
  • Whole Body Sweat Rate & Hydration Monitoring

Functional Movement Screening Kit

The FMS Test Kit is a tool designed to use while performing the FMS screen. It also provides a simple grading system to assess athlete/patient movement.

  • Functional Movement Screen Tests include Deep Squat, Hurdle Step, In-Line Lunge, Shoulder Mobility, Active Straight Leg Raise, Trunk Stability Push-Up, and Rotary Stability.
  • Exercises are prescribed based on test results to correct weakness or imbalance.
  • Test Kit includes measuring device, hurdle and measuring stick.

To inquire about using any of our testing equipment please reach out to our Sport Performance Coordinator