Career Coaching & Scholarship Guidance for Athletes & Parents

Triple Play Athletics is a professional consulting and planning service that works with athletes and their families to design comprehensive plans that help them take full advantage of all of their valuable resources. Triple Play Athletics helps athletes and their families with the essential PLANNING, PREPARING AND PROMOTING that all athletes need. TRIPLE PLAY ATHLETICS will save you time, money and stress and help you get the scholarship you deserve!


About Triple Play Athletics

TRIPLE PLAY ATHLETICS works with male and female athletes of all ages in all sports.

Bill Green is the owner and founder of TRIPLE PLAY ATHLETICS. Bill has the background, training and experience to make a difference in your lives. He is a college instructor and principal who understands the education system and how to make it work for you! Bill helps families navigate through the complexities of GPA’s, SAT’s, ACT’s, course selection and the myriad of other school related issues that challenge the student athlete.

  • Through a series of specialized workshops, TPA founder, Bill Green (Retired Principal, SD 71), works with athletes and their parents to optimize their athletic, academic and scholarship potential.
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